Gut – our super organ with an image problem!

Gut - the word alone sounds terrible and let´s be honest, who likes to talk about their gut, let alone about possible problems? You actually want to shake yourself and wash your hands right away. It is not only the epitome of superlatives, but the control center that regulates (almost) everything with its billions of intestinal bacteria. Your health ? It is decided in the intestine! Your well-being ? Regulates your bowel! Your mood ? Influenced by your intestines! Your wrinkles , your appearance , your charisma ? Right - that too is determined by your intestines.

Mach Dich mit ihm vertraut und wir versprechen Dir – Du wirst begeistert sein:

warum darmflora aufbauen glücklich macht

Super-fact 1 – 90% pure happiness, or why strengthening the intestinal flora makes you happier

Your gut makes you happy because it produces 90% (!) of your happiness hormone! Part of it reaches a certain region of your cerebral cortex via the intestinal-brain axis. There it unfolds its happy making effect. The so-called serotonin also has an influence on your appetite and your pain sensation. So the gut feeling doesn´t get its name by accident ...

super fact 2 - basketball instead of butterfly

Inconceivable but true - the area of your intestine corresponds to approx. 400 square meters and is therefore just slightly smaller than a basketball court! So muchfor butterflies. Basketballs wouldbemoreaccurate!

super fact 3 - Why a strong microbiome makes you healthy

For a strong and effective defense you need more than just hygiene. Because as soon as a pathogen has made it into your organism, it meets with resistance in the gut at the latest. Your gut is your largest and most important immune organ. 70% , i.e. almost ¾ of all cells responsible for disease defense, are in the wall of your intestine!

super-fact 4 - a 1 with 14 (!) zeros

Your intestine , especially your colon, is the most densely populated ecosystem in the world . Its microbiome, i.e. the entirety of all microbes, contains up to a hundred trillion (100,000,000,000,000) bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc

This means that we have more germs in the gut than our own body cells!

And the microbes in the intestine alone weigh approx. 2 kg and are therefore heavier than our brain!

Below,you can find out why your microbiome is so special and important to our health. Also you can learn what controls it and how it works:

me, myself & my mikrobiom!

super-fact 5 - your 2nd super-brain

A network of around 100 million nerve cells runs through your gastrointestinal tract. It forms a completely autonomous nervous system! The intestine and brain are in lively exchange via the intestinal-brain axis - but who sets the tone?

Clearly - your intestines! 90% of the information is sent from the intestine to the brain and only 10% from the brain to the intestine!

Your intestine is the only one of your organs that is not controlled by your brain. It regulates itself completely independently! Crazy, right?

5 super facts that make it clear why you should sometimes pay a little more attention to this marvel of the human organism and your microbiome strengths.

How? We´ll tell you here:

Good gut feeling in six steps