good gut feeling in 6 steps

Have we convinced you how great and immensely important your gut and its microbiome are? Wonderful. Then, in addition to a lot of theory, we also have a lot of practical tips on how you can build up your intestinal flora and make yourself a happier self!

Tip 1: smile!

No matter what the day brings –only two things are certain. First, to-do lists never end.

Second - to-do lists never end.

Before you devote yourself to the next item in the list with resignation or even annoyance - take a deep breath, listen to music, stretch, smile and enjoy a great moment of little joy. That doesn't change the length of the list, but it will please your microbiome residents. Because in addition to many other importantfactors, they like one thing undoubtedly: A natural smile that comes from the heart.

Tip 2: exercise!

Admit it, you secretly hoped it would work without it ... But the good news - it's easier than you think. Stairs instead of an elevator, squats while brushing your teeth, walking instead of standing on escalators, or a late lap around the block, weneed tobringour pulse up. Your metabolism and thus also your microbiome are happy about every form of movement and who does not like the good feeling of having overcome the weaker self and also strengthened the immune system?

Tip 3: you will like it!

Sleep - as much and as regularly as possible. Because your microbiome also needs rest and relaxation in order to strengthen itself and it gladly looks forward to regular breaks with you.

Tip 4: long live the dirt!

Our microbiome needs bacteria - in other words, hygiene is good, but sometimes less is better. Even if disinfection is unavoidable at the moment, it can - apart from the current pandemic - do more harm than good. In fact, the higher the hygiene standards in a country, the more people suffer from allergies and autoimmune diseases! So, hand washing yes, every now and then disinfect well - but still we need a little dirt here and there and less hysteria in our kitchens and bathrooms. Because the more germs our organism knows, the better it can develop its protective shield and strengthen our immune system.

Tip 5: will surprise you ... fiber!

If you want to knowmore about the importance of fiber, please click here (link to microbiome - fiber). For those in a hurry - the real superfoods for your microbiome are soluble fiber, which is mainly found in fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, oat and barley products, linseed and many more. They regard the bacteria living in the large intestine as a real feast and break them down into short-chain fatty acids, among other things. And these are the real heroes - because they are said to have a lasting positive effect on our microbiome and they are able to compensate for an imbalance among our intestinal bacteria. They work like a cure for our gut!

In short, the good bacterial strains in our microbiome - the so-called probiotics need the right dietary fiber, so-called prebiotics, in order to be able to multiply and to produce metabolic products that are essential for our body.

Tip 6: feel good with within®

The lack of fiber in our daily food results in a dramatic loss of bacterial diversity in the intestine, which in turn leads to an increase in inflammation-promoting bacteria. Our microbiome is completely out of balance. If we supply our body with these important bacterial strains (probiotics) in the form of food supplements in addition to our diet, they support their comrades already present in the microbiome and shift the bacterial composition towards balance.This important process can be continuously promoted through the simple, regular and long-term intake of the right nutritional supplements and ensure the balance in the long term. Each of our within® nutritional supplements contains 14 bacterial cultures with an unimaginable 10 billion bacteria that are essential for balance. If taken regularly, they support your existing microbes and help you to maintain the desired balance quickly and, above all, permanently.

Regardless of whether it is about your sleep, your skin, your immune system or your weight - our within® - nutritional supplements support your microbiome and thus you & your daily well-being.