dr. maren kemper

studied biochemistry out of curiosity, is a passionate movement enthusiast and acts with and from the gut - out of conviction.

dr. maren kemper

During her studies in Berlin she got to know the connection between the biochemical processes inside and their effect on the outside of our body. Since then she has been fascinated by the intensity and diversity of this interplay.

After completing her doctorate, detailed examination of numerous studies and books, intensive scientific research and, above all, her own personal experience, she has no doubt today: < br> Our stomach determines our life!

Unser Bauch bestimmt unser Leben

With its millions of bacteria and its very individual microbiome, our intestines are of immense importance. It is responsible for our physical and mental balance - and therefore also for our appearance! Everyone can influence thisindividually: with the right diet, the right exercise and, if necessary, the right additional supplement–everbody can achieve a good and healthy gut feeling, which is why I founded within to share my knowledge and experiences. I want to show how much we can actually do to positively influence our well-being. We can do more than we think we can, and it is easier than many fear. "

our within® microbiome



our hairiest and most valuable "bacterial strain" :)
This wonderful old lady impresses with her calm and equanimity and ensures our inner and outer balance with her meditative snoring.



loves heavy food, especially if she can conjure up easily digestible texts from it and keeps track of millions and millions of text microbes. Your claim: texts that you want to read, don't have to read. Her aspiration: Texts that you want to read, not need to read.