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The Next Level Shit

You have problems falling or staying? You often feel sick, and haven’t looked your best in a while? Your stomach feels bloated, and you struggle to lose weight? All these questions may have something in common. Because if your microbiome is disturbed, this may cause chaos in your gut. Our within® dietary supplements aim to not also eliminate this chaos, but alsoto bring it back in order.The bacterial mix in our dietary supplements contain 14 scientifically investigated bacterial strains with a total of 10 billion living bacteria. All with one purpose in mind – help your microbiome to find and maintain its balance.In order to optimally combat the most common everydaysymptoms such as sleep disorders, skin problems, weak immune systems and slow metabolisms, we have added other special ingredients to our capsules. Our products In Shape, Skin Glow, Sleep Well and Inner Strength,therefore,support you individually and sustainably to ensure an all-round feeling of well-being.All bacterial strains contained in the within® products meet the highest quality criteria and naturally occurin our body. Long-term use over months or years is recommended and has no risk of side effects.