a healthy lifestyle should not be a privilege but instead be accessible to everyone.

ausgewogene Ernährung

Fact 1: Unfortunately there is no substitute ...
... for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Probiotics and nutritional supplements support and help you to feel better, but they are not afree pass on fast food feasts.

Fact 2: I'll start tomorrow, I promise!
Living consistently healthy requires a lot of discipline and is usually difficult to realize every day of the week.So don’t be too hard on yourself! Try your best and you will find a way to life healthier.

Fact 3: within® means wellbeing.
Our within® - wellbeing helpers support you in your daily efforts to achieve inner balance and a healthy lifestyle with probiotic food supplements.

Fact 4: It's a marathon, not a sprint.
In order to restore your inner balance, a long-term and regular intake of intestinal-supporting probiotic bacteria is essential.


within® important

within® - Fact 1: A lot helps a lot!
Each of our within® nutritional supplement capsules contains 14 scientifically precisely examined bacterial strains with 10 billion viable microorganisms. You can find out exactly what these are: Information on the bacterial strains .
Their particularly positive effect on our digestion, our general well-being and our skin has been proven in clinical studies. These probiotics support your microbiome and thus they support you. Through multipling healthy intestinal bacteria and thus restore and maintain your inner balance. ( You can find more information here .)

within® - Fact 2: Beware of living goods!
Only living bacteria are good bacteria. So that the living probiotic bacterial strains also arrive in the intestine, they travel in gastric juice-resistant capsules. These protect the billions of small intestinal-friendly probiotics from aggressive stomach acids, among other things, and thus guide them safely to their destination.

within® - Fact 3: Little sleepyheads, big effect.
Our probiotic bacteria should only develop their full potential in your intestines. In order to save energy from production to their arrival at their destination, they were freeze-dried and put to sleep. In this way we guarantee a long shelf life and full effectiveness in use.

within® - Fact 4: All-inclusive
The moisture in your intestines brings you to life and inulin is added to our capsules to satisfy your first hunger after waking up. This bacterial superfood acts like a power breakfast. It ensures that the probiotic bacteria are optimally supplied when they arrive in your intestines and that they feel welcome and at home.

within® - Fact 5: Take it easy
We recommend taking one capsule of our within® dietary supplements daily. Our products can easily be stored at room temperature so that you don't have to take breaks when you are out and about. So you don't need a refrigerator or any other special form of storage!

within® - Fact 6: No Bullshit
Our within® - wellbeing helpers should relieve, not burden. So we produce without any additives that could confuse your organism. Our within® dietary supplements are therefore free from unwanted chemicals and classic allergens such as milk / lactose, gluten and fructose. They are all vegan.

within® - Fact 7: Trust is good, control is better.
You trust us and we appreciate that very much! So that you can really feel safe, we place the highest demands on the manufacture of our products and compliance with the corresponding quality standards.Our within® food supplements are manufactured and tested exclusively in Germany. We only obtain the necessary raw materials from suppliers who share our highest standards. Regular strict controls, the documentation of all production steps and the continuous checking of the products in laboratories are a matter of standard procedure for us. Detailed information on technical specifications and certificates can be found here: Analyzes & Certificates. If you have any questions, please contact us.